About Us

THE APARTMENT STORE hosts an elaborate selection of international brands. The collections are a statement of timeless elegance with a modern twist. Contemporary outfits that underline the distinctive choice of today’s men and women.

Sophisticated cuts promote high quality fabrics to an unprecedented array of calm and classic designs. Beautiful colors and fresh ideas highlight seasonal variety in deliberately selected arrangements. Inter-seasonal mixing and matching is highly encouraged to promote long time enjoyment of naturally all superior garments. Consistent quality promotes longevity, enriching fashion while conserving precious resources.

Exceptional advisory service is just the most prominent feature of an all customer friendly atmosphere at The Apartment Store. Doors opened in 2004 with international brands that were not yet available in Zürich. Hanspeter Limacher and Marcel Hofmann shared a vision of confidence, privacy and ease for the individual customer. A setting to establish solid satisfying relations with their appreciated clients.

THE APARTMENT STORE - Hanspeter Limacher
Hanspeter Limacher
Marcel Hofmann