Aton - Dress


Linen Lawn

Warm White

CHF 929

This maxi-length dress has an asymmetrical silhouette. It has a characteristic design with one side finely tucked at the knee, but the natural texture of the material allows you to wear it casually without getting too mode-like. The warm white color is transparent, so it is double-tailored with high-twisted cotton that is light and comfortable on the skin to reduce transparency of the undergarments that may bother you.

This satin material for product dyeing is woven with linen yarns in the “Koto district” of Aichi County, Shiga Prefecture, in an amakurone. It is an ATON original material dyed with “natural dye”, featuring a luster from the linen fibers, a moderate firmness and drape, and a movement like the material itself bends.

Koto District
The Koto area was developed as a hemp production area in the old days when air conditioning was not developed as it is today. The air in the Koto area with Lake Biwa nearby contains plenty of moisture, which is very suitable for linen weaving, because linen weaving especially hates dry conditions.

Dye is created from plant flowers, leaves, stems, bark, pericarp, or minerals using new ideas and techniques, and dyed using a fast-dyeing technique that does not use mordants. Usually, in the case of herb dyeing, in which dye pigments are extracted from plants, only smoky colors can be expressed instead of vivid colors, or colors may fade. ATON is dyed with “NATURAL DYE” to create products that can be felt by the brain and skin, using a dyeing method unique to Japan that overcomes such problems as color development and color fading.