Fur V-Neck Sweater



Fr 498

This is a fluffy fur cashmere knitted by WHOLEGARMENT (a knitter in Uonuma, Niigata Prefecture) from delicate cashmere. The WHOLEGARMENT process, which has no seam allowance, is a lightweight and low-loss method of knitting the product shape itself. Usually, the hair is raised by a comb. However, this not only damages the fibers, but also wastes about 20% of the raw materials. That is why ATON uses WHOLEGARMENT knitting and lets the products swim freely in clean snowmelt water to achieve beautiful dyeing and raising.

The factory is in Toyama Prefecture, in the Tateyama Mountain range of the Northern Alps, a region of heavy snowfall represented by the World Heritage site of Shirakawa-go. Snow melt water from this area flows abundantly into the Shogawa River, one of the nine clearest rivers in Japan. Using this water, the fur cashmere is carefully dyed one by one with the eyes and hands of artisans over a long period of time, resulting in a unique and gentle texture. Another advantage is that the fur can be carefully brushed to maintain its texture for a long time.

This knit features a bold, thick V-opening collar and an oversized silhouette. It is designed so that it can be worn with a T-shirt inside. The back hemline of this sweater is designed to make the hip line look beautiful regardless of the bottom.