High Neck Tee


Orange + Brown

Fr 189

The yarn is a blend of white cashmere and cotton, which is the highest grade of cashmere and is knitted by a knitter in Wakayama City. By using a special spinning technique, white cashmere and Supima cotton are blended and knitted at a high density of about 1.5 times higher than usual, resulting in a jersey material that is compact and soft to the touch.

What is „White Cashmere“?

White cashmere is the highest-grade raw wool from cashmere goats raised in the harsh climate of the Mongol-Ordos region. The cashmere goat’s wool is thin, soft, and has been developed to retain heat better to ward off the severe winter cold and is of the highest  quality in the world. Only the pure white raw wool, which is of the highest rank among the fine wools that are carefully hand-cropped by craftsmen from the cashmere goats, is selected for use, and the white cashmere has a very rich texture and coloration.