Natural Dye Grey

Fr 359

This is a special item made in Wakayama, Japan, using thick yarns knitted at twice the density of normal hoodies, and naturally dyed to the maximum density. The high density knitting makes the fabric itself durable, of course, but since it is dyed and washed thoroughly, it is an excellent item that does not shrink even when put through the dryer. The backing has a three-layer structure: the front, the back, and the middle that connects the two. By doing so, the fabric becomes overwhelmingly stretchy and warmer because it contains a lot of air in between.

This item is characterized by its sharp triangular hood and slightly larger silhouette. The „A“ on the chest is flocked with hairy materials, which gives it a velvety feel without peeling off. The cuffs, which are usually the most stressful part of the garment, are designed with triangle ribbing to avoid concentrating the force on a single point. The result is a distinctive design that combines function. The ribbed side action panels on both sides of the hoodie make it easy to put on and take off, as well as easy to move around.