Oversized Pullover


Light Pink

Fr 369

Natural Dye products of ATON are dyed by innovative ideas and techniques without using any dying mordant. Colorants are made from flowers, leaves, canes, barks, peels and mineral. Normally, natural dye products have dusty colors and fades. ATON resolves these problems and creates products by Japanese unique natural dyeing method. Customers can feel ATON’s own uniqueness in dying not only with skin but also in mind.

A pullover sweatshirt inspired by a used clothing trainer used by Italian civil protection groups in the 90’s. Updated with a silhouette like ATON’s classic T-shirt. The point is the collar with thick ribs, and the pattern is like turning around the neck. The cuffs are designed with ribs in a triangle so that the points of emphasis are not concentrated on one point, and it is designed to have both functions. As ATON’s signature item, the „A“ mark is attached to the left chest with a flocky. A jersey material made by knitting thick yarn in Wakayama City twice as densely as usual. By knitting with high density, not only durability but also shrinkage does not occur because it is washed after dyeing the product. The fleece has a three-layer structure consisting of the front and back surfaces and the surface that connect them. Since it contains air in between, it also has warmth. This is a special item that has been naturally dyed.