Perfect Short Sleeve

Suvin Cotton

Black + White

Fr 110

Suvin cotton is woven in Wakayama using carefully handpicked Indian raw cotton. This cotton keeps moisture by handpicking which prevents cotton fibers getting damaged. For taking this procedure, beautiful smooth fabric is produced without any chemical processing. One of the characters of Suvin cotton is its high-toned level of whiteness. This fabric reflects the dying color well and preventing discoloration.

Unlike normal T-shirts, these T-shirts have high sleeves. The arms fit comfortably and the lines from the shoulders to the elbows are clearly visible, resulting in an elegant impression. Suvin cotton hand-picked in India is a material knitted by the knitting of Wakayama City. It is an ATON original jersey material that has a luster and flexibility by using twin yarns.ince Suvin cotton  is carefully hand-picked of cotton, it does not lose oil and does not damage the fibers, so it has a beautiful luster without any chemical processing such
as chemicals.