Rib Fitted Knit



Fr 398

This is an eco-wool yarn made from the raw wool of non-mule wool, which is the standard material of ATON, a rare manufacturer in Italy that purchases raw wool, washes it, spins it, and twists it to maintain quality. This is a ribbed fabric with natural elasticity, using four strands of the yarn, which has the clean image of combed wool but also the fullness and warmth of spun wool. It is lighter and tighter than normal ribbing.

The yarn is made from non-mules’ wool. The sheep used to make this material are raised in a vast pasture where they are moved regularly to eat fresh grass and drink water to protect their health, while being managed so as not to destroy the pasture environment. The sheep are raised in a clean environment with special disinfection methods to prevent parasite infestation by the larvae of the sheep fly, and the wool is used instead of mulesing, which is criticized from the animal welfare point of view because it is painful but involves no anesthesia and no scar treatment.