Standard Pants



Fr 419

This is a 100% wool double weave material that is slowly and carefully woven into a high-density fabric in Tsushima City, Aichi Prefecture. Not only is the twill thick and firm, but by making the backing satin, it does not prickle and feels good against the skin even without a lining, and it is a material with a beautiful fall.

Based on the skater pants that became popular among young skaters because they were made of cotton polyester twill (TC stretch) and were durable, tear-resistant, and inexpensive, we replaced them with elegant wool material. This is the simplest and slimmest silhouette among ATONs pants, but it is a powerful one that makes the most of the atmosphere of the material. You can wear them with sneakers or sandals without being too casual, and they are a standard pair of ATON pants that go well with any top.