Zero Tsuri Urake Cotton


Fr 298

Zero Cotton is knitted slowly and carefully on a hanging knitting machine in Wakayama. The fabric produced by this hanging knitting machine, which is the opposite of efficient, has a beautifully aligned grain and overwhelmingly good stretch, and is an original material of ATON.

There are only two places in the world that can knit hanging lined wool. It is a superb material that is knitted using an old-style circular knitting machine. The yarn is knitted at a very low speed of only 24 revolutions per minute (1/30th of the normal speed), and the yarn descends only by its own weight, so it is knitted while containing air without any unnecessary force.

Zero Cotton is a yarn that has the best of both single and twin yarns, developed by covering the hard and strong twin yarn at the core with soft single yarn around it. The result is a yarn that has the best of both single and twin yarns. It is thick and firm, yet has a soft texture, does not skew, and has twice the water absorbency of normal yarn (compared to combed yarn). It also has twice the water absorbency of normal combed yarn (compared to combed yarn). Without any chemical processing such as silken processing, it has a beautiful luster, and when it is made into a finished product, the yarn grain stands out clearly, giving it a beautiful surface with a slight sheen. It also looks good when dyed and is resistant to color fading.

This item is characterized by its thick raglan sleeves and moderately large, loose silhouette. The cuffs, which are usually the hardest part of the body, are designed in a triangle shape so that the ribs do not concentrate the force on a single point, resulting in a unique design that combines functionality. Although the ribs are usually placed on both sides of the sweatshirt to make it more comfortable to wear, the softness of the suspended knit material and its lateral elasticity make this sweatshirt very comfortable to wear despite its clean design without ribs.