Tapered Easy Pants Wool



Fr 439

Super 160’s wool is woven into a double layer in Ichinomiya City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Super 160’s wool fibers, which are as fine as cashmere, are woven in a very thin double layer to give a gentle feel and a soft, loose silhouette like a jersey, which is an original material of Aton.

Based on old pajama pants, these slacks are made of wool and have a relaxed feel. They are loose in the hips and legs but taper nicely toward the hem for a clean and elegant finish. The waist has an elastic band that goes all the way around the waist, and the spindles on the front are designed to tighten it, giving it a relaxed feel and making it very easy to take on and off. These pants are as light and soft as jersey pants yet have the elegant look of wool slacks.