Tapered Easy Pants

Suvin Cotton Corduroy


Fr 439

This material is made of hand-picked Suvin cotton from India, which is slowly and carefully woven by a weaver in Hamamatsu City. Because we use high quality Suvin cotton, which is not usually used, it has a luster and color, and the special finishing gives it a beautiful, ridged look, which is the key to corduroy.

What is Suvin Cotton?

Suvin cotton is the highest quality cotton from the southern part of India, and because the cotton is carefully hand-picked one by one, the oil content is not lost, and the fibers are not damaged.

Based on an old pair of pajama pants, we have created a clean design by keeping the sewing thread inside as much as possible to maximize the beautiful ridges of the corduroy. The pants are loose in the hips and waist but taper nicely toward the hem for a clean and elegant finish. A synthetically made cord runs through the inside of the belt, so it can be adjusted without showing the cord. The simplicity of the design makes these ATON standard pants stand out for the beauty of the material.