Turtleneck Sweater

Mat Wool

Black + Olive

Fr 439

The Australian merino wool used as raw material is a very rare raw material, with an average fineness of 14.3 microns, which is in the super 180’s class. (Even cashmere is 15 to 16 microns, which is about 170 to 150’s.) This fine wool, which is comparable to baby cashmere, is dyed  to give it a soft and supple appearance, giving it a superb touch and firmness.

The loose silhouette is smaller than the oversized silhouette and features a moderately relaxed feel. It features a three-dimensional silhouette with a sweatshirt-like bulge created by the stiffness of the material. This is a classic ATON high neck sweater that is as comfortable as cashmere, but with a matte surface that is not too elegant and goes well with any pants.