Unisex Crewneck Pullover

Cotton Tsuri Urake

Top Gray

Fr 319

Tsuri Urake is slowly and carefully twisted fabric by special knitting machines in Wakayama. The twists are 30 times slower than usual machines, making yarns fall down without any additional pressures by its own weight keeping air inside. TSURI URAKE consists of 3 layers, the piled fabrics in the middle connecting the surface and the back layer. Tsuri Urake stretches well and holds warmth containing the air inside.

A new standard sweatshirt whose function has been sublimated into a design. The action panel on the side makes your body move more comfortably. Triangular ribs on the sleeves improve durability in order to shift the emphasis on sewing. Fleece that slowly and carefully knits the original yarn Zero Cotton with a hanging knitting machine in Wakayama prefecture. Contrary to efficiency, the fabric produced by this hanging knitting machine is ATON’s original jersey material with beautifully aligned eyes and overwhelmingly good fabric elongation.