Sjaak Hullekes - Hul le Kes

an alternative for modern-day fashion

Hul le Kes was founded by Sjaak Hullekes and Sebastiaan Kramer as an answer to the fast pace and polluting practice of modern-day fashion. Hul le Kes is a fashion label that relies on the power of caretaking, creating, empathy and aesthetics. With this brand Sjaak and Sebastiaan created an alternative and holistic system, one suitable for our changing environment.

Hul le Kes ideology

At Hul le Kes we believe in the human ability of caretaking, creation, empathy, and aesthetics. Our full team of people aims for a world where character of both people and products can be found within the imperfection. Where beauty is shown through love and transience. Positive dynamics, purpose, equal opportunities, and a holistic view on our world will open the doors to a better world, a renewed system.

With Hul le Kes Sjaak wanted to create a fashion label that would add values to clothes we know from art and antiques. Emotional values that make one want to inherit a certain piece of art or product; values that made imperfections of ageing became something to care for rather than to feel ashamed about. A fashion brand that would be about caretaking, about its love for people, about its love for materials and environment. To combine these values is easier said than done in our modern society; but Sjaak, together with his partner Sebastiaan Kramer, have been strongly committed to make this possible within Hul le Kes.

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