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Everyday LUXURY ESSENTIALS since 1860

Sunspel makes beautiful, everyday clothing  to  be  the  foundation  of  the  modern  luxury  wardrobe.  We believe in making clothes with care. We care about where we source our materials from, the people we work with and the quality of everything we do.

Sunspel is a British heritage brand with a contemporary approach. We have been handcrafting garments in the UK for over 160 years, building a global reputation for uncompromising quality, timeless design and luxury fabrics. We create clothes that will last and we use natural, organic and recyclable materials whenever we can. We have a sense of tradition, history and craft that we respect and celebrate, but we do not rely on the past. We use it to shape the future.


We produced the world’s first luxury t-shirts in the late 1800s and introduced the boxer short to the UK in 1947 leaving a mark on British design history. Sunspel’s unique Riviera polo shirt was worn by Daniel

Craig as James Bond in Casino Royale and our luxury loopback sweatshirt was re-designed by Jonathan Anderson to become a contemporary classic.


Sunspel has been a family business for most of its 160-year history. Founded in Nottingham, the capital of Britain’s hosiery and lace industry, the business moved to its current Long Eaton location in 1937. The

technology at the Long Eaton factory may have changed since then, but our commitment to community and a job well done remains the same.


We work with other factories in the UK and worldwide, and when we do, we apply the knowledge and experience from our own factory to find the best. Many of the factories we work with are small and family owned, and they all share our beliefs about quality, ethical working practices and environmental responsibility.


For over 150 years we have been sourcing the finest raw materials from around the world and innovating to develop fabrics that are entirely unique. An uncompromising commitment to quality is at the core of our business and this takes us direct to expert growers and farmers. We have always worked with exceptional quality fabrics such as Sea Island and Pima cotton and the finest cashmere, lambswool and merino wool. Today we increasingly work with organic cottons and sustainable fabrics while maintaining our focus on quality and feel.


Sustainability is increasingly on our minds, and at Sunspel we have always aimed to make products of the highest quality. We believe passionately that responsible manufacturing is a true mark of excellence. In the 1940s we came up with the idea of “no waste” luxury so that we could continue to make clothes of the highest quality in the face of government rationing. We remain committed to this philosophy today. We continue to value timeless style over short-term trends. We create clothes that will  last  and  we  prefer  to use  natural, organic and recyclable materials whenever we can. We are constantly reviewing our systems to achieve the highest environmental standards possible.